Are you worried about your business chain Energy consumption bills ?

Wanted to track & identify high energy consumption Equipment’s ?

Control HVAC consumption during non working hours ?

Wanted to know your DG fuel consumption ?

Wanted to monitor Equipment’s status, anomalies remotely ?

Elive is a unique hardware and software solution that constantly monitor the energy consumption throughout the organization. Elive can provide consolidated energy consumption, Organizational or Specific to area wise or Equipment wise. Easily analyze your energy data through Elive Energy management software which helps to identify the highest energy-consuming areas and Equipment’s in your organization to implement energy-saving actions that will positively impact energy bill.

  • Energy Monitoring
  • Forecast Consumption
  • Organization wise, Location wise, Area Wise, Equipment wise energy consumption view 
  • Machines Anomaly detection
  • Peak and Non Peak Consumption


  • Monitor Energy consumption across Machineries / Locations / Areas
  • Control Multiple HVAC / Air Conditioners from a Central Software.
  • Monitor Utilities – DG fuel | Water consumption | Water level | Gas
  • Monitor & Control Equipment / Machine data / Pumps
  • Monitor Air / Water Qualities on the premises

Ideal for

  • Facility Management companies
  • Smart and Green Buildings
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Hospitals/Clinic chains
  • Hotels chains
  • Factories and Industries


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