Digitize Cold Chain Industries

Digitizing Cold Chain

RIOD Cold Chain products offers real time monitoring of various critical parameters in the cold chain industry. with RIOD products customers has built real-time monitoring platforms to bring visibility and to improve operational efficiency with actionable business insights. RIOD cold chain monitoring products are currently deployed in Cold storage, Chillers, Reefer trucks etc.

Basic Monitoring Temperature & Humidity

RD150M, RD150M-IP, RD60 Series of products has the capability to monitor the Real temperature at extreme conditions. it can monitor from -50 deg C to 200 Degree with high reliability and accuracy.

Features includes :

  • Industrial Grade
  • Dual Channels per device
  • Long vision display


Complete Cold Storage Monitoring

A Robust solution to monitor the following real-time parameters of cold storage’s

  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Total Energy consumption
  • Generator Fuel Consumption
  • Door Status
  • SOS buttons
  • Performance of Chamber (calculated with respect to Energy consumption,Temperature fluctuation,Room size,Door status etc)


Reefer Truck Monitoring

RD60M Model is built for reefer truck monitoring, Device ensures 24/7 visibility & control into the location and condition of the reefer trailers & container units.

  • Monitoring the temperature and humidity
  • Monitoring the vehicle location
  • Identifying Harsh braking,Harsh acceleration & rash drivings
  • Monitoring the Door status & SOS buttons

Custom Monitoring solutions

With our expertise in IOT we offers custom product development/monitoring solution’s as per the customer requirements. We support from idea to prototype to mass production. Please contact us at hello[at]riod.in to know more about custom developments.

Integrate with

Existing Software Solutions

RIOD products can be integrated to any existing platforms or software solutions using TCP/IP,HTTPS or MQTT protocols

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