RIOD Develops Emergency Ventilator Jeeva Vaayu

Jeeva vaayu is an emergency ventilator developed by RIOD Logic Pvt Ltd.

Jeeva Vaayu

Technology to Life

“RIOD Logic had always been working on IOT Solutions. Monitoring and controlling of different industry applications using IOT were the focus of the products and solutions. These solutions helped industries to improve their Operational efficiency and hence productivity”.

When the whole world was under the dangerous grip of the Corona Virus attack, there were reports about the lack of medical equipment’s across the globe. Since the virus was affecting the respiratory system, the availability of Ventilators was identified as an essential requirement.

The companies incubated in the Adi Shankara discussed on this and decided to develop an Emergency ventilator with all the functions of monitoring and controlling. Each organizations contributed their expertise into the project. RIOD handled the technology behind monitoring and controlling of different parameters. RIOD RDA10 Long vision HMI is used to display the critical parameters such as Breath Per minute(BPM), Tidal Volume, Pressure Limits, Inhale-Exhale Ratio’s, Holding time etc. The Sensor parameters such as pressure and volume is used to plot in a monitor. The Design is based on Ambu bag, a high torque DC motor with custom machined mechanical parts were used to control the flow in Ambu bag. Tireless efforts were put in to develop a product that could be used in real field from day one. Extensive testing and calibrations were performed to have a smooth working of the product.