RIOD Helps Wind-Turbine Customer to Monitor Energy generation

RIOD Helps Wind-Turbine Customer to Monitor Energy generation for Forecasting.

Wind power accounts for nearly 10% of India’s total installed power generation capacity and generated 62.03 TWh in the fiscal year 2018-19, which is nearly 4% of total electricity generation.

One of the leading wind turbine power generation organization had a challenge of having live data of power generated. This data helps the central team and quality analyzers to forecast the power generation and provide the data to the government.

Challenges faced by the organization.

  • Vandalization of the current wired communication methods
  • Latency in current data communication to the central location
  • Efforts of manual entries and interventions
  • In-accuracy of data for quality analysis and Forecasting

What RIOD did

  • RIOD reviewed the technical specifications of the Energy meter used in the windmill turbines
  • Identified the MODBUS parameters required for the live monitoring
  • Used the product RD40 to acquire the parameters to send to the MqTT broker
  • Tested the acquired data for accuracy and timeliness
  • Provided inputs for data analytics and forecasting

Advantages for the client

  • Accurate and Live data was sent to the Scada and Central monitoring team for further analysis
  • Reduced penalties for the customer from the specific government bodies
  • Avoided the huge cost of physical cabling and land requirements for the same
  • Completely removed the chances of vandalization and robbery
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